Paris attended the Launch Of Keith Haring x Alice + Olivia in New York City yesterday (Nov 13). She got photographed with Stacey Bendet (CEO and Creative Director of Alice + Olivia) and Caroline D’Amore (actress (“Sorority Row”) and DJ).

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Although Life Ball does not fill the headline with Famous Extravaganza and Joie de Vivre, the fight against HIV and AIDS does not stand still. The LIFE + association behind the mega event now presents its current testimonials in connection with the European HIV Testing Period (23-30 November 2018).

Paris Jackson and Philipp Hochmair are the new faces of the “Know Your Status” campaign, photographed by Austrian star photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich, their photos adorn the newly printed LIFE + posters.

Jackson and Hochmair stood at the top of the camera – the volatile messages on their skin wrote themselves. The texts aim to raise awareness of the population about the dangers of HIV infection, training and breaking taboos associated with HIV / AIDS.

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American actress and singer Paris Jackson took to social media today as she admitted the destruction the California fires has caused is “heartbreaking”.

The 20-year-old uploaded a snap to her Instagram account of the blaze with a firefighter in the centre looking out at what was happening.

She captioned the post: “My heart goes out to those who have lost so much, including their homes and pets.
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“Sending so much love to the many firefighters who have risked their lives in saving our beloved home, California.”

She continued: “It’s so heartbreaking to see so much destruction and hell in your home city.

“There are no words to describe what it feels like. I hope everyone is safe and we will get through this.”

Some fans replied with upset emojis and heartbroken images.

Taking to Twitter, Paris told her 1.31 million followers: “This is getting worse and worse. So many people are losing their homes.

“Areas I used to hang out are completely burned to a crisp.

“My heart goes out to those who haven’t found safety yet and sending love to everyone that needs it. This is so heartbreaking.”

Fans flocked to her social media to send their well wishes, as one fan wrote: “All our love for the people affected by this tragedy.”

Another person wrote: “Sending love and prayers from the UK.”

While a third person said: “You are in my thoughts and prayers, dear Paris. Please be safe and careful. All of you.”

Many celebrities have had to flee the area following the devastating fires including Kim Kardashian and Will Smith.

Luxury homes in Malibu and other beach communities are among properties that have fallen victim to the flames.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler is among the celebrities who fled their homes before the fire destroyed part of his property.

Taking to Instagram, the movie star shared a video which showed the devastation to his Malibu mansion.

He returned to his house with a dust mask around his face, to share with fans what remained of it and his belongings.

Gerard said: “Welcome to my home in Malibu. Half gone.”

Los Angeles firefighters have been battling to control the intense wildfires which have reportedly taken the lives of 31 people.

Source: Express

Michael Jackson was a whole lot of things. He was the (and by many standards is still) King of Pop, inspiring generations of musical minds. Michael lived his life eccentrically, privately, and by some standards, questionably. He was famous beyond most people’s imaginations, and he was also a loving and devoted father to three children; Prince, Paris and little Blanket.

Michael’s middle child and only daughter, Paris Jackson, was only eleven years old when The King of Pop passed. Over the years she has remained devoted and loyal to her father’s honor, and while she stayed hidden from public eye for the entirety of her childhood, we have seen Paris step out into the limelight and blossom in her adult years. She is as eccentric as her father but possesses a unique spirit about her that is all her own. We kind of love it.

She is also successful in her own right and frankly, completely gorgeous. (Those eyes, though.) Here are 20 things everyone should know about the musical heiress. Ms. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is nothing if not fascinating, that’s for sure.

20 Her Name Has A Special Meaning

Paris’s parents, now deceased Michael Jackson and his former wife Debbie Rowe, reportedly did what so many parents do when they discover that they are expecting a baby. They made sure that the baby-to-be’s name had incredible significance to them. While their first child has the same name as his father, their second child, Paris, has a unique name, but it is still packed full of meaning.

It is believed that her name was chosen as Paris because the City of Lights is where she was conceived. A beautiful city, a beautiful name and indeed a lovely lady that Paris Jackson!

19 She Has Famous Godparents

When your father happens to be one of the most watched and celebrated entertainers in all of history, the people he surrounds you with are likely not going to be anything less than fabulous. In Paris’s case, Michael paired her up with some very famous Godparents to stand by her side and guide her throughout life.

His lifelong friends, (Elizabeth Taylor and Macauley Culkin), are Paris’s godmother and godfather. To this day Paris remains tight with Culkin, and the pair is often seen out and about of engaging in some parental bonding activities, (like toenail painting or getting matching tattoos.)

18 Paris Has Got Game!

For the vast majority of Paris’s childhood, she was homeschooled under the roof of Neverland Ranch along with her siblings. Her father Michael was intensely private regarding his trio of children. (Who can remember the loads of images where the children’s faces are hidden underneath scarves?)

Once he passed, Paris went on to live with her paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and along with her older brother was enrolled in a prestigious private school in Sherman Oaks, California. At The Buckley School Paris participated in a bevy of sports and activities including flag football, cheerleading, and softball before she left the institution in 2013.

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Paris attended the 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala honoring Catherine Opie and Guillermo del Toro presented by Gucci Gala yesterday (November 03) in Los Angeles, CA. She was dressed head to toe by Gucci, with a beautiful white dress, sneakers and a belt.

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Paris attended the Pizza Girl by Caroline D’Amore Tasting Dinner Party last Friday (October 26) at Kathy Hilton‘s home in Bel Air, CA.

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