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Paris Jackson is using her platform to illuminate the struggles of the unheard voices across the world.

Legacies are notoriously difficult to shake off, especially when they’re handed down and inherited, instead of being earned and accumulated. What pieces of that legacy do you grab hold of and, like a mound of wet clay, remold into something that is wholly your own?

These are questions that actor & activist Paris Jackson has spent the last few years answering. Not by intentionally rebellious or overtly seeking attention, but with a life dedicated to the service of others.

Now 20, with a blossoming film career on the horizon, Paris has started to craft an attainable vision for her life, one that mimics the giving nature of two of her most impactful influences. Over the past few years, she’s become a staunch activist for the human rights advocate and an outspoken environmentalist.

After losing her legendary father, Michael, and her ineffable godmother, Elizabeth Taylor, within a short but frantic two-year span, it seemed like the paparazzi (and the press) had a vested interest, and a certain complicity, in Paris’ struggle to find herself. From inconceivable car chases in Hollywood to slanderous tales in grocery store tabloids, Paris faced the kind of scrutiny that has broken many an adult star.

And at the peak of the mayhem, she was merely 13.

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Paris Jackson poses for a photo with her friend Rushka Bergman at a private screening of her short film The Last Judgment last week at the Tribeca Film Center in New York City.

The most beautiful Princess in the world!” Rushka captioned a photo of her and Paris on Instagram. “@parisjackson came to support me last night at Tribeca Film Center with all the other my friends. Thank you and I love you very much!

Rushka is the contributing fashion editor for Italian L’Uomo Vogue.

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Paris Jackson is livid with a US gossip site that published an article claiming her family are worried she will die from drugs.

An article published on November 28 on Radar Online claims to have quoted a Jackson family friend who said her family is worried about her friendship with her bandmate, Gabriel Glenn.

“Paris is so lost right now and everyone believes that she is doing drugs with Gabriel,” the source allegedly told Radar Online.

“It is so sad. Paris is not even 21 yet and she is photographed in a different bar every other night. Paris has this delusion that she and Gabriel are soulmates and have met many times in past lives.

“At this point it seems like no one can save her from herself,” the source said.

Paris hit back at the gossip site on the weekend with a series of angry tweets and wrote that the article “made me nauseous”.

“Not one word in it is true,” Paris tweeted.

“First of all I was just with my family for the holiday and everything was so amazing. secondly, Gabe is my bandmate, and he’s not even in the wallflowers??? Thirdly, marijuana is legal and very good for you.

“I’m travelling and working constantly and I’m very happy. that article was just heartbreaking, i’m sick of bulls**t like this spreading like widlfire (sic). Not to mention they made is (sic) seem like my father was an addict, which he most certainly WAS NOT.

“I’ve never once given the impression that I’m someone who likes to party, but they’re literally claiming I go out every single night. And because I’m an advocate for medical marijuana, they’re saying I’m a hardcore addict. What the f**k.

“I’ve never read an article from radar about myself that’s actually true, but this is crossing a line. Just disgusting. How can anyone with a conscience be okay with creating such extreme and horrible lies about a 20 year old girl. Jesus.”

Paris Jackson is currently focused on modelling and acting and made her feature film debut earlier this year alongside David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron and Aussie Joel Edgerton in Gringo.

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Paris went to the Versace fall 2019 fashion show in New York City yesterday (December 02), she looked gorgeous!

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Paris Jackson can wear two hats at the same time for her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn — that of supportive girlfriend … and, of course, the steadfast groupie roadie.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter was spotted Tuesday night at The Viper Room in Hollywood for a gig Gabriel’s band, Trash Dogs, was playing. She definitely wasn’t just swooning in the audience though — Paris was on her knees recording her beau onstage.

Her hard work didn’t stop there. Paris was later seen handling some equipment for the band. Fun fact: Paris’ first cousin, Austin Brown, is also in Trash Dogs … so, even more reason for Paris to be on top of her s***. BTW … Gabe’s the singer and plays lead guitar.

Another fun fact … Paris and Gabe play in another musical group together called The Soundflowers. They were seen jamming out together in L.A. earlier this summer for a cancer benefit performance, with Paris on the mic and Gabe strumming beside her.

Source: TMZ

Paris is the face of another campaign for “Penshoppe”, she models the Holiday 2018 collection.

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