Paris met her friend Paris Hilton at the TINGS magazine bash in Los Angeles yesterday (Feb 20). The bash was hosted by former TOWIE star turned magazine boss Vas J Morgan.

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Photo Source: Daily Mail

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Paris Jackson is using her platform to illuminate the struggles of the unheard voices across the world.

Legacies are notoriously difficult to shake off, especially when they’re handed down and inherited, instead of being earned and accumulated. What pieces of that legacy do you grab hold of and, like a mound of wet clay, remold into something that is wholly your own?

These are questions that actor & activist Paris Jackson has spent the last few years answering. Not by intentionally rebellious or overtly seeking attention, but with a life dedicated to the service of others.

Now 20, with a blossoming film career on the horizon, Paris has started to craft an attainable vision for her life, one that mimics the giving nature of two of her most impactful influences. Over the past few years, she’s become a staunch activist for the human rights advocate and an outspoken environmentalist.

After losing her legendary father, Michael, and her ineffable godmother, Elizabeth Taylor, within a short but frantic two-year span, it seemed like the paparazzi (and the press) had a vested interest, and a certain complicity, in Paris’ struggle to find herself. From inconceivable car chases in Hollywood to slanderous tales in grocery store tabloids, Paris faced the kind of scrutiny that has broken many an adult star.

And at the peak of the mayhem, she was merely 13.

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Paris shared eight gorgeous Photos of her Shooting for ‘Narcisse Magazine Issue #8’.

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Paris is on the Cover of the new “Narcisse Magazine” (Issue #8), which she shared on her Instagram yesterday.

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The thought of speaking to her forever-idol Stevie Nicks makes Paris Jackson extremely nervous. So nervous, in fact, that she almost can’t muster the courage to do it. For so long has the 20-year-old actress-model-musician admired the iconic Gold Dust woman that she is petrified of saying the wrong thing, of talking too much or too little. But Nicks puts Jackson at ease with the first syllable of her velvet voice, and the two speak about the perils of social media, the power of folk, and the necessity of finding one’s place in the music.

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Stevie Nicks: Tell me who you are and what you love.

Paris Jackson: I’m very open about myself and my personality on my social media. I don’t post a lot pictures of myself, but I post a lot of pictures of the things that I love. There are a couple pictures of you on there, actually.

SN: I’m going to tell you this because it will make you laugh: I don’t have a computer, I just have a flip phone in case of a fire.

PJ: Good!

SN: I’m like your sweet old grandmother who lives down the street. I’m not on Facebook. I mean there is a Facebook [account set up], but I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I have never even been on your social media.

PJ: Honestly, the less I use my social media, the happier I am, and I’ve been using it less and less, but when I do use it I make sure to keep it very real and honest and true to myself.

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