Paris Jackson is outraged about those tabloid reports about her mental health and says she does not have the same level of patience to deal with media attention as her late father Michael Jackson, who is the subject of a disturbing and controversial new documentary that she adds is not her “role” to speak out about.

In January, E! News learned that Paris, 20, had checked into a treatment facility to “take some time off to reboot, realign and prioritize her physical and emotional health.” Paris would then tweet that she had “taken a break” and that she was “happy and healthy and feeling better than ever.” In recent days, there have been a couple of unflattering tabloid reports about her alleged behavior, which follow growing controversy over the Leaving Neverland documentary, which focuses on two men accusing the King of Pop of past child sex abuse.

A fan told Paris that she thinks tabloids are “provoking” her because she’s “not really speaking” about Leaving Neverland, which her family has denounced as lies.

“There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said in regards to defense,” Paris replied. “[My cousin] Taj [Jackson] is doing a perfect job on his own. and i support him. But that’s not my role. I’m just tryna get everyone to chill out and go with the flow, be mellow and think about the bigger picture. That’s me.”

On Wednesday, tabloid magazine In Touch published a story about Paris that included a photo showing what it said was her having an “explosive fight” with her boyfriend and Soundflowers band mate, Gabriel Glenn, in New Orleans during Mardi Gras celebrations on March 3. The headline included the words, “Downward Spiral?”

“Damn I’m just now catching wind of these downward spiral articles.. this is like, what ? the 7th time y’all have accused me of this ? the 3rd in the past month? n yet not one OD from all the ‘drugs’ y’all accuse me of doing or any hospitalizations… 7… but who’s counting right…” Paris tweeted on Thursday.

Like.. no please.. give it up.. there are so many more interesting things to write about,” she added. “And actions speak louder than words. So if my actions prove your words wrong, why keep trying to pull this s–t? it’s a lil pathetic. I’ll pray for y’all. SMOKE SOME WEED AND MELLOW OUT.”

Paris also wrote, “Me and my bf re-enacted ‘The Californians’ from SNL while we were in NOLA purely for the entertainment of our friends, and paps happened to be taking pictures of it all and…. y’all it looks like a full on break-up scene in a sad drama movie omg.”

Another tabloid, Radar Online, recently alleged that Paris “spiraling out of control, friends fear, in a haze of smoke and booze” after the “damning” Leaving Neverland documentary.

“F——kkkk youuuuuuuuu you lying pieces of s——ttttttttttttt,” Paris tweeted in response, adding, “I smoke weed on my story ONE time and all of a sudden I’m a junkie meth alcoholic party raver that’s also secretly married and pregnant and may or may not have a penis. I have a job. And dogs. And a bedtime. Go f–k yourself.

In February, Paris was all smiles when she stepped out with her boyfriend in West Hollywood, marking the first time she’d been photographed since it was reported she had sought treatment. Days later, British tabloids posted unconfirmed reports that claimed Paris had suffered a “complete meltdown” over Leaving Neverland and that she allegedly demanded that Macaulay Culkin, her father’s friend and her godfather, publicly denounce the TV project.

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Paris Jackson just spent a ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, and since their relationship is going so well, she believes they have a serious future ahead.

Paris Jackson, 20, is totally smitten with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn and she’s making sure her friends know about it! The daughter of Michael Jackson reportedly had a wonderful, laid back Valentine’s Day with her beau on Feb. 14, and the memorable holiday gave her another reason to be enthusiastic about their already great relationship.

“Paris and Gabriel had the perfect Valentine’s Day, they spent it relaxing at home watching movies and playing music together,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Paris is head over heels in love and has been telling her friends that Gabriel is her soulmate. Gabriel is so supportive of her and encouraging, he’s her biggest cheerleader with everything from her music to the day to day life stuff she has to deal with. And he’s extremely attentive to her, it’s obvious that he adores her. He even writes loves songs for her. They’re very, very sweet together, this relationship is so good for her.” Aw!

Paris and Gabriel, who is also her bandmate in her music group, The Soundflowers, first sparked speculation that they were more than friends last Aug. when they were spotted cuddling and kissing in photos and videos from the night of their second live performance as a band. Although they initially kept their romance private, they’ve been flaunting major PDA in the past few weeks and seem happier than ever to show the world their love. From making out in a promo pic for their new music together, to holding hands while getting coffee, these two aren’t shy about showing their attraction for each other, and we’re thrilled for the lovebirds!

It’s great to see Paris happy and healthy in the new year, and we continue to wish her the best in the days to come.

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Michael Jackson was a whole lot of things. He was the (and by many standards is still) King of Pop, inspiring generations of musical minds. Michael lived his life eccentrically, privately, and by some standards, questionably. He was famous beyond most people’s imaginations, and he was also a loving and devoted father to three children; Prince, Paris and little Blanket.

Michael’s middle child and only daughter, Paris Jackson, was only eleven years old when The King of Pop passed. Over the years she has remained devoted and loyal to her father’s honor, and while she stayed hidden from public eye for the entirety of her childhood, we have seen Paris step out into the limelight and blossom in her adult years. She is as eccentric as her father but possesses a unique spirit about her that is all her own. We kind of love it.

She is also successful in her own right and frankly, completely gorgeous. (Those eyes, though.) Here are 20 things everyone should know about the musical heiress. Ms. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is nothing if not fascinating, that’s for sure.

20 Her Name Has A Special Meaning

Paris’s parents, now deceased Michael Jackson and his former wife Debbie Rowe, reportedly did what so many parents do when they discover that they are expecting a baby. They made sure that the baby-to-be’s name had incredible significance to them. While their first child has the same name as his father, their second child, Paris, has a unique name, but it is still packed full of meaning.

It is believed that her name was chosen as Paris because the City of Lights is where she was conceived. A beautiful city, a beautiful name and indeed a lovely lady that Paris Jackson!

19 She Has Famous Godparents

When your father happens to be one of the most watched and celebrated entertainers in all of history, the people he surrounds you with are likely not going to be anything less than fabulous. In Paris’s case, Michael paired her up with some very famous Godparents to stand by her side and guide her throughout life.

His lifelong friends, (Elizabeth Taylor and Macauley Culkin), are Paris’s godmother and godfather. To this day Paris remains tight with Culkin, and the pair is often seen out and about of engaging in some parental bonding activities, (like toenail painting or getting matching tattoos.)

18 Paris Has Got Game!

For the vast majority of Paris’s childhood, she was homeschooled under the roof of Neverland Ranch along with her siblings. Her father Michael was intensely private regarding his trio of children. (Who can remember the loads of images where the children’s faces are hidden underneath scarves?)

Once he passed, Paris went on to live with her paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and along with her older brother was enrolled in a prestigious private school in Sherman Oaks, California. At The Buckley School Paris participated in a bevy of sports and activities including flag football, cheerleading, and softball before she left the institution in 2013.

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Paris Jackson’s British makeup artist, Jo Baker, recently gave the star a major ’70s “Summer of Love look” for an upcoming American Apparel event. Baker, whose clients include Britney Spears, Dove Cameron, Mariah Carey and Olivia Wilde, made the 20-year-old’s eyes pop with a major dark blue wing, white eyeliner and light blue shadow underneath her peepers. Her lashes were also long and curled, while her brows were natural and feathery.

Baker posted an Instagram video showcasing her latest look on Jackson. She captioned her inspiration as ’70s Sofia Loren meets ’70s Cher, which equals a love child beauty vibe—of course, a middle hair part was also present.

Jackson is no stranger to loving the ’70s. Her Instagram bio has a line that reads, “Give peace a chance. ☮️,” and peace and love were some of the main themes of hippie and bohemian culture in that decade. On September 25, she posted three photo slideshows on Instagram, all with shots of Woodstock and tie-dye and Volkswagen vans. Her captions progressed from “all i want” to “all i need” to “♥️♥️♥️.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Jackson opted for a ’70s-inspired look from two great entertainment industry icons.

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Paris Jackson has undergone a near-blinding array of hair color transformations this year. There were the spring’s peach-toned highlights, a look that was swiftly followed by a blonde bleach job for the summer. Then, in what was perhaps her boldest summer statement—one that made a strong case in opposition to the widespread peach trend that Jackson herself had tested out earlier in the season—she stepped out of Los Angeles’s Nine Zero One salon with burnt-orange waves streaked with a hint of peach, cut just below her shoulders. “Watermelon Shine,” her stylist described the color.

Now, just in time for fall, she’s dialled back the wattage: On Friday, she debuted her latest color—a mink brown with hints of red highlights that Jackson likened to her look from nearly a decade ago. “Now lol,” she captioned a selfie on her Instagram stories. “8 yrs ago,” she wrote over the next image, a red-carpet shot from 2010. Her new style comes nearly down to her waist—presumably thanks to extensions, given that it was cropped to collarbone length during New York Fashion Week—and, adding to the similarities to her teenage look, she took to styling it bone-straight.

Jackson and her new hair spent the weekend at the Rise Lantern Festival in Jean, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas, with her Soundflowers bandmate and boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

“Before he became my boyfriend, we had this crazy connection. I’ve never made music with another person the way I’ve made it with him, I’ve never been able to sing the way I do with him,” Jackson told Stevie Nicks in an interview for CR Fashion Book last month. (Previously, Jackson had been linked to Cara Delevingne.) “It’s so magical.” (Since they started writing together, they’ve amassed enough material for two or three records, Jackson estimated.) The band may have Jackson’s grandmother’s stamp of approval; here’s hoping her new beau and new look do, too.

Paris Jackson once planned to become a psychologist or nurse.

Despite growing up with celebrity parents, Paris Jackson says she never wanted to be in the public eye as an adult.

“I originally wanted to just kind of stay out of the spotlight and become a psychologist or a nurse at a psychiatric ward,” she told People.

She changed her mind when she graduated high school and realized that having such a platform could help her reach more people. “Having the ability to go into the acting and fashion world, I just figured why not use that to make my platform bigger,” she stated. “That way, instead of helping the world one by one with patients, I could help the masses.”

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